Monday, July 26, 2010

press: Nytt Rom (No)

Some busy days freelancing and traveling with pen and paper at hand this past few months so just catching up with old news here at New Ink. Clean, minimal, spruce fresh and classy - Nytt Rom is a beautifully crafted publication from Norway that goes beyond the presentation of designers and their products. Every issue editor/designer/creator of the magazine Hans Petter Smeby single-handedly invites readers into the realm of the featured designers' living rooms and kitchens; sometimes asking them about their inspirations and other times intricately photographing the little details of their lives in the studio or at home. Late Spring this year, I had the honour of being invited to feature in the magazine for a small-medium sized apartment special. Hans Petter visited our place, asked some questions and took some snaps from my portfolio and new living abode. You can pick up the current issue for the next few months at any good newsagent in Scandinavia and by mail order on the internet from anywhere else in Europe. I'll also be keeping a few copies on hand if you want to see what the mag looks like.
Nytt Rom #19, 2010

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