Wednesday, September 29, 2010

press: Think issue 6

Think magazine issue 6 came out some weeks ago and marks something of a landmark for the thought provoking and aesthetically conscious publication. Editor of the magazine Jacqueline Carlisle has upped the output ante of Think by introducing not only web and Iphone apps but, also pressing a limited run of actual physical copies. With an article from talented Scottish designer Scott Jarvie and my own regular contribution discussing issues related to the 'Progressive' theme, there should be something in there for not only designers but also those interested in ideas and sustainable issues we face today. You can read the latest issue here.
image: LEED certified Cherokee studios by Pugh & Scarpa, Los Angeles 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Architecture by Night

As reported by design blog Its Nice That - one of my favorite projects of recent years is back! Kubik is a pop-up club concept from Germany which pits raw urban architecture with electronic music in a fluoro Blade Runner-esque temporary space. The creators of the project, Ballestra Berlin, have previously taken the club to spots as diverse as Eindhoven, Dubai and Warsaw. The temporary structure is constructed using disused septic tanks joined by an outer metal membrane, each tank has a small L.E.D inserted in them which is connected to a midi control that allows a VJ to control the lighting patterns. When I first saw the Kubik concept in Barcelona I was in awe of how an already scenic space (next to a port) was transformed into a theatrical and functionable culture venue by night.
video: by Chad Samson, Barcelona 2007