Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ekko Fest 2009

Finally got round to writing a review for Resident Advisor from Bergen's Ekko Fest this year. The line-up was a great example of how smaller and more compact festivals can pick an astute and interesting line-up without the commercial constraints inflicted upon larger festivals. Suffering from a spot of Norsk swine flu and some sad news from back home detracted from my full enjoyment of the event but, some lager beverage medicine and good company made sure the stellar line-up was enjoyed as best possible. Losing it to Clark's delicate thrasing and merging of light and folksy sounds with crashing breakbeat and electronic noise was by far the highlight. Best new find of the three day festival was definately Velferd, who played a nicely executed live set that took in twisted disco and house sounds amongst many subtle layers. He is in fact also a member of the the band The New Wine from Bergen, who have been getting lots of attention in Norway this past year and will undoubtedly prop up elsewhere soon. Check them out here.
Photo: Clark rocking the Studio room at USF Verftet by Julie Arrive.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Full Pupp Label Night - Resident Advisor article

New article just up on Resident Advisor from an Oslo trip I made a few weeks ago. Was in town to check out the nightclub Bla and, perhaps of deeper significance, label night of Cosmic Disco don Prins Thomas. Last time I caught this guy playing was in Barcelona a few years ago at a more house music oriented venue called Sala BeCool. That particualr night in Bcn the only people on the dancefloor not willing Norway's Prins to crank up the bpm's to a more familiar and fast speed was a defiant James 'Global Souljah' Barrie, myself and my friend Andy. This time in Oslo the crowd was a bit more clued up and patient, bar a few drunken Nordic types. Check out the full article and by all means leave some words here.