Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Think magazine issue 8 went live together with a new website last week. While web designer Robin Egg Blue was busy on the layout the new site, I contributed to the latest issue with an article on the Ritz-Carlton Tamuda Bay resort in Morocco. What with a relative calm in the face of public unrest in their neighboring countries, the future looks bright for this exotic North African outpost - apparently tourism has doubled there in the last ten years. As contributing design editor for Think, I got the chance to pick up on this burgeoning tourism destination and have a look at the sustainable merits of the Tamuda Bay resort.  Read that article and the rest here. Also featured in Think issue 8, a new advert for my design studio.
Above: Alexander Horne 'One Size Fits' advert. 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Back in January, Musique Large honcho Fulgeance gave me the chance to put out a mixtape for his excellent La Mixette series. Fulgeance is a live performer, producer, label boss and early pioneer of the current 'beats' movement. Armed with an MPC and do it yourself ethic - he has a real modern day hip-hop spirit and is one of the people who inspires to keep putting in the hours organizing events, buying vinyl and generally supporting all other like-minded creative souls. Musique Large plays home to the funky, tropical and boombap sounds of Debruit, Rekick and Fulgeance himself. His own productions vary from boogie, hip-hop to funk. I reviewed his latest EP release on Musique Large a few months back for RA, you can read the review here. Heads up for those that didn't know, support this inspiring guy and his excellent label. Below are some Fulgeance vids and a Low Club guest who we will be seeing soon at DO IT!