Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Down, More to Come

Hats off to any of you who have attended, played or followed DO IT! since we started out in a dark Doric November back in 2008 - we celebrate two years of events and collaborations this month!  From the moments Jon Reid, Jonathon Brown and I (Alexander Horne) sat in my parents house evolving the idea having returned inspired from several years in Barcelona, to the kind gesture from our last performing artists in Oslo - it has been an exciting journey and great excuse to meet people pro-actively involved with culture across Europe. Photos from our 2nd birthday shindig in Aberdeen can be found on Resident Advisor. At our closing Oslo show, Halvor Bodin once again set the visual barometer high with a complete package of pre/post event work to combine with his ever-evolving live performance. Pics from this and other shows can be found on our FB group here.
videos: DU 'Softness' (Sprutbass remix) and Rustie 'Bad Science' by Halvor Bodin, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Re-newed Frontier

Bucharest was a fruitful trip in terms of culture intake and productivity earlier this year, the latest and final piece of work as a result of that visit has just been published on Architonic. Read the 'Bucharest: The 2010 Mix' article and my previous contributions for the Zurich based magazine here. As much as the city was an eye opener with an elegant decay of opposing styles - pieces from the imperial past melded with influence from outside and around the neighboring Western and Eastern worlds - creative discourse appeared to be be at a shy and emergent stage. One of the few creatives to actively assist in the article research process was Corvin Cristian, whose interior design for the re-vamped former stock exchange building can be seen in the images above. Bucharest is not a perfect city but, it is an exciting place to visit and energizing to hear from locals with visions for what could be. Staying at a place like the Hotel Rembrandt certainly benefited the experience, as too did my hosts.
images: Advertising agency Headvertising's Bucahrest HQ, interior design by Corvin Cristian