Tuesday, February 28, 2012

THINK magazine: issue 13 'Resort'

Towards the tip of the Lofoten islands in North West Norway, on one of the country’s eighteen National Tourist Routes, stands a sculptural steel structure formed thoughtfully by the Oslo based architects Manthey Kula. “The surrounding mountains are quite overwhelming so we wanted to create a space to take a rest from the views” state the architects of the Akkarvik Roadside Restroom. The weather literally overwhelmed the..... Read my full article on Think magazine here
Photograph of Akkarvik Roadside Restroom in Norway by Paul Warchol

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sarah May

January is grim in the cold and dark Nordic realms so it comes as a relief as much as inspiration when you come across work such as Sarah May's ad campaign for independent clothes giant American Apparel. A selection of garments and products from the latest AA range are meticulously organised by May to display their colourful and attractive aesthetics in a way that lures you into the image wanting to see more. The overall campaign brings a look which is equally seriously formed Italian futurism as it is sweet shop hypnotism from a Willy Wonka spectacle.   
Images from the early 2012 American Apparel ad campaign by Sarah May