Monday, August 8, 2011

ART: WLD/WLVS Presents Stu + Stu = Stwo

Art in Aberdeen has been a contentious subject of recent what with the furore surrounding the Union Terrace Gardens project and the will they/won't they scenario regarding the possibility of a new arts center being included in the project. Thankfully under the bureaucratic mist of this saga Aberdeen's young artists and creative do-ers have been busying themselves with projects that most certainly deserve at least an appreciative wink from afar. None more so than the team behind WLD/WLVS who have added an attractive and regularly updated online presence to communicate, motivate and inspire the creative activities of those residing in or from the area. Stu and Stu are part of the team behind this initiative and even manage to find the time to create illustrative drawings and paintings that perfectly mix the raw granite cityscape of Aberdeen with the green natural beauty that surrounds it, each in their own respective style. Don't be a welly and miss their anticipated joint exhibition at Kilau if you are in Aberdeen from the last weeks of August through to October, with free alcohol on hand from Brew Dog on the opening night also it would be naive not to be there if in the AB10 area.
Event Poster for Stu + Stu = Stwo at Kilau, Aberdeen from 14/8/11 until 8/10/11

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