Friday, January 14, 2011


1INA100 is a fresh label with Edinburgh roots. Freddie Webb and Aldo Kahane came up with the idea to showcase work from artists through limited edition t-shirt designs. Each garment is silk screen printed by hand, numbered then signed by the contributing artist - giving each item a unique touch and a personal intro to the artists work. The label garnered a healthy wee amount of press at the tail end of 2010 on sites like Dezeen and the online shop/blog/zine Holy Ghost. My better half picked up on the buzz and out-gifted me, as usual, with a delivery of the above design by Nina Lilliebjerg-Heder. Check out Nina's blog for some ethereal snaps. 
images of 1ina100 products: t-shirt design by Nina Lilliebjerg-Heder 2010

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