Monday, July 27, 2009

Islands in Space

Photos from a recent jaunt around the west coast of Norway that featured Bergen and Stavanger. Arrived in Stavanger just in time for the end of a food festival called Gladmat (happy food). Was also lucky to catch a pre-NuMusic party with DJs from Stavanger, Oslo and London playing in a tent at Gladmat and later on Cafe Resept. Ironic that the best food all weekend was a 'big fat burger' from a cafe across from the graff shop at the top of a wee hill, at the back of the city, and not the actual food fest. Buttered'n'herbed New Jersey potatoes, juicy and well packed patty with blazing sun on the terrace followed by some rolling in the grass. dulce!
Photos by Alexander Horne and Julie Arrive.

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